Another Successful, Glamorous Year!

The thanks we get from the people at the Houston Area Women’s Center is enough to keep us motivated and start this all over again next year. Here’s the letter we received from the HAWC’s vice president for development, Adrienne Barker after we wrapped up another Glam Girl season on Thursday, December 9th:

HAWC-logo-300x130Thank you and all the others there at Glam Girls who made the HUGE donation of items possible to the Women’s Center! All the boxes and items are simply amazing and will be enjoyed by our clients. We had them all sorted within about 30 minutes of your delivery with the basic needs items going to the shelter and the toiletry bags going to the Holiday Store.

It will be a wonderful treat for our ladies and teens to get those personal care bags as they come to do their holiday shopping. Your efforts year after year are fantastic and have, no doubt, saved us thousands of dollars along the way…not to mention letting the women, teens and children know that many care about them. I wish you and your colleagues a very happy holiday season and great New Year. Let’s be sure to schedule a tour in January, too! Take care!

And the response from Glam Girl Founder, Christine Mathers:

On behalf of all our fabulous Glam Girls, we are so happy to be able to support such a worthy organization as the Houston Area Womens Center. In this our 9th year of affiliation with the Center, we continue to be amazed by the generosity of our friends and colleagues. Every year, it seems we’re able to contribute more . . . . this year with some 250 Glam Girl gift bags, specialty makeup gift bags and more full size items than ever before. We hope that this contribution helps carry the shelters forward well into 2011 and give a little sparkle to your wonderful residents during this holiday season.

We wish you and all the wonderful women of the Center a very peaceful and happy holiday season, and prosperous new year! We look forward to celebrating 10 years together in 2011!

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