Glam Girls has a special Valentine!

bagsAn unexpected and unsolicited word of thanks is sometime the greatest gift one can ever get in life. Below is an example of that very gift that lifts our Glam Girl spirits and remind us why we do what we do. Please read below and share our joy with this note from the chief development officer at the Houston Area Women’s Center.

We had a Glam Girls moment last week that I wanted to share with you. After our conversation in December about putting the Glam Girls bags where they can be of the greatest use, we held off on distributing them as part of the holidays. The women who happen to be with us during the holidays have access to many more special gifts and opportunities than do the women who come to us the rest of the year, and we knew the Glam Girls bags could brighten a day when no one else was there.elves-300x200

As you can imagine, Valentine’s Day – with the cards and the candy and the romantic TV commercials – can be tough for the women who come to our shelter. This year, we held Pamper Me Pretty Day instead. We provided manicures and pedicures and worked hard to make every woman feel like a princess for a day!

A big part of that was giving out the gorgeous Glam Girls bags to every woman at the shelter as a Pamper Me Pretty Day gift. The pink bags were adorable, and a huge hit! And they loved that in addition to the needed toiletries, there were so many little fun items like bracelets and hairbands.

The Glam Girls bags are such a wonderful combination of practicality and a little glamour – it was such fun to share them with our clients. We will continue to hand them out at special shelter events throughout the year – we want every woman who comes through the shelter to have that little extra boost of glam and know that all of you out there in Glam Girls land are rooting for them!box1-182x300

Thank you so much, Christine. I wish you could have seen the smiles on the faces of our clients when we pulled out the bags!

Chief Development Officer
Houston Area Women’s Center

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